Network Cabling

With over 28 years of experience we have built a reputation for:

·         Keeping to schedules and budgets

·         Keeping disruption to a minimum

·         Getting the best performance from your IT network

We have a wide selection of services, from one of projects to on-going network infrastructure support. Our industry leading expertise, warranties and accredited engineers give you confidence and re-assurance across our range, including but not limited to:

·         Single and multi-site design and installation solutions

·         Contract work

·         Data projects

·         Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 fibre optic specifications (more detail below)

·         Routers and switches


This ‘enhanced’ version of Cat 5 supports 10 gigabit speeds with bandwidth up to 200MHz and less interference that it’s predecessor. It is the most cost effective solution for transmission of data.

Cat 6

With a higher signal-to-noise ratio than Cat 5e and bandwidth up to 250mhz this cable type is required where there are multiple and simultaneous network demands, including large data transfers and video conferencing.

Cat 6e

With double the bandwidth of Cat 6 and greatly reduced interference. It’s biggest strength over Cat6 is the distance that can be covered, up to 100m compared with a maximum of 55m for Cat 6.

Cat 7

Double shielded for maximum interference protection. With 600Mhz bandwidth is not the accepted standard for Ethernet and the best way to future proof your network.

To ensure you have a complete solution for all your local and wide area network needs, that includes direct supply of all the cables and components for your cabling infrastructure requirements we using premium brand hardware components.

We fully test all components and systems installed and certify that they meet, and in most cases exceed, all relevant standards.


Our warranty covers our workmanship, materials and hardware for a minimum of 12 months. This warranty is additional to the manufacturer warranties that can be as long as 25 years dependant on the solution you have supplied.

·         Cabling installation – Typically 25 years warranty

·         Security hardware – 12 months warranty

·         IT hardware – 12 months warranty

In the unlikely event that you have a problem, an engineer will speak with you to assess the problem. Once the fault has been identified, one of our engineers will visit you at site within 4-24 hours to diagnose and rectify the fault.

We are proud to work with the supported solution providers below: