Ievo Biometric Systems

Here are Icon Network Solutions we are an accredited ievo biometric supplier and installer.

Biometrics use the unique signature of a humans fingerprint, voice and eye to allow access to whatever you choose.

What is finger print recognition?

Everyone has a unqiue, unchanging fingerprint. A fingerprint is made of furrows and ridges on the surface of the skin and these determine the uniqueness of any individuals fingerprint.

Once a fingerprint is recorded on the scanner, the patterns are converted in to computer code, using an algorithm, which is recorded to a database as the digital you. The database entry is recalled against your fingerprint when trying to access something.

Why fingerprints?

Fingerprints are the oldest implementation of biometrics. In today’s digital world laptops and even USB pens come with fingerprint readers

So why fingerprints over the recent surge in iris technology? Two main reasons: Firstly your fingerprints will not change even as you age and secondly with ievo readers your fingerprint can be recognised regardless of wether you are wet/dry or if the light is not ideal. Eye recognition technology requires to removal of eyewear, to ensure hair does not get in the way and will not work as you get older.